Mothers Day stock running low - call Dana for a custom order Mothers Day stock running low - call Dana for a custom order
6 Hamper Top sellers for 2018

It’s been a wonderful year for the launch of Fine Hampers and our gourmet gifts and hampers have been heading out to all parts of Australia.

The things that our customers told us they loved this year in their gourmet hampers were:

  1. Henschke Henry’s Shiraz wine – all of our hampers contain premium wine options. The number one seller in the wine section was Henshke’s Henry’s Shiraz.  It’s no wonder this was a favourite option with its smooth finish.
  2. Our 6ft6 Prosecco was a hit with our customers with many asking for more information on where to purchase it. Its lovely flavour is not too sweet and not too dry and in fact it’s just right. The small bubbles of the prosecco dance lightly across the tongue imparting the most beautiful flavour. 
  3. While we only carry one line of nougat – Bramble and Hedge Nougat - it was still a best seller, with inquiries asking it to be added to hampers. We have sold out of all our nougat stock as a result and are looking at which flavours to add to our 2019 line up.
  4. The chocolates were all popular but one stand out was New Farm Confectionery’s Dark Chocolate with Raspberry. Not only did it look great, but it tastes amazingly smooth and delicious.
  5. Luken and May Butterburst Biscuits by the Byron Bay Cookie Company also sold out with corporate orders requesting they be added to their hampers. They taste amazing with Almond and Vanilla our personal favourite.
  6. Last but not least is Morish nuts who kept our nut fans more than satisfied with their delicious Caramelised Cashews.  Yum!

Thank you to all these amazing Australia Made gourmet food providers who contributed to our gourmet gifts and hampers.