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A unique gift for baby and new mum

Minnie&Claude was born out of living through the hectic first 12 weeks of having a baby. 

Some people might be totally across what to do and how to do it – but the vast majority we’ve spoken to have no idea what’s hit them when they have a baby for the first time.

Baby can’t tell you what’s wrong when it cries, you’re trying to recover from having the baby in the first place and you’re probably operating on little sleep.

Everything that once seemed easy is now very hard… and so Minnie&Claude was born.

Each box is a surprise gift designed to give mum a moment just for her every month and deliver helpful and beautiful gifts for baby as well.

The boxes have been designed to match the goods with babies needs depending on their age.

That’s why we offer 1, 3 or 6 boxes starting from birth through to 6 months old.

Each box comes in its signature Minnie&Claude box and is packaged in a useful and reusable calico bag.  We complete each box with a ribbon to match babies gender or we have a gender neutral option too.

For more information see our Minnie&Claude collection.