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Baby Gift Boxes designed to deliver what bub wants… when bub needs it

There’s one reason nothing can prepare new parents for the first month of their babies life.

Simply put every baby is unique and has their own incredibly cute, and incredibly frustrating, way of doing things.

That’s where Minnie and Claude’s Baby Subscription Boxes are designed to deliver something that both bub and parent need. 

Carefully curated to match the age specific needs of bub and by extension, what the parents and mum need to support and nurture bub.

For example our first month’s box includes lactation cookies for those mums who need a hand with milk production as well as some baby basics like a wrap and super cute rattle socks to keep bubba’s feet warm.

Having had children, we know that often mums choose to stay home for the first six weeks of bub’s life, while they’re highly susceptible to disease and infection and before they’re able to get their vaccinations.

We wanted to bring a moment of fun and lightness to them, which is where the idea of the baby subscription box came from.

You can send just one box, or subscribe for 3 or 6 months – it’s entirely up to you.  And if you decide to get the extra boxes after sending just one you can do that too.

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